Monday, April 14, 2008

Seven MEME about me....tagged..yeppers!!

So, this tagging thing. As I become more familiar with blogging I am learning the tricks of the trade. Tagging...kind of like frozen in space, you get tagged now you can move away from where you were. Well I am not moving. My children are all in bed by 5:36pm. I should be sitting on my bed naked and waiting for my husband, but everyone including me is beat. So here I sit on my cozy bed and realized that I have been tagged by

I am to write seven things that are random about me. Since most of you do not know me in real time I could say seven things that are quite ordinary, but new to you. Let me think...hmmmm.....

1. I am a tuna fish and pototoe chip addict. Together for lunch every single day for years. Not so much these days, but when I can I indulge.

2. I am a chocolate chip cookie addict. One a day. Seriously if you could smell through the computer you would smell chocolate chip cookies. I bake them each week, and hide my share to enjoy one at a time.

3. I have used Ivory soap and Banana Boat after sun care on my face since I was 14 years old. That would be 28 years and people always ask me how I stay looking so young. So now you know.

4. I am an orphan. Both of my biological parents have passed away. I seek out older woman for extra mothering, which I still very much need.

5. I am very passionate about my faith in the Lord.

6. I am currently 28 pounds over weight, but last summer I weighed 30 pounds more than I do now. Three boys in five years can do that to an older woman bearing children. LOL.

7. I never spell check or edit. And it's obvious most days.


  1. Oh, my do we have a lot of ordinary stuff in common!
    I love a tuna fish sandwich and potato chips! Especially on fresh bread! I have even had this for breakfast.

    When my girls were home I baked cookies every single Monday! Chocolate Chip is my personal fav!

    I am currently 25 pounds over the weight I love to be. But I have weighed 35 pounds more than this in the last few years.

    I spend forever correcting my spelling errors, but I don't edit at all.

    Thanks so much for participating,it is great to get to know more about you!!

  2. Very interesting. I too love chocolate chip cookies - can I come over when you bake.

  3. So how do you eat only one cookie a day? I love to bake but I have a problem with not eating the entire batch in one sitting. I love tuna, chips are great, I'm 50 pounds over my highschool grad weight-yikes-but ten pounds lighter than last year. You are so interesting and fun to get to know!!

  4. This is a great list. Thanks for sharing this about yourself. I really enjoyed getting to 'know' you a little better.

    I'm curious about the tuna fish and potato chips. How do you eat it? Together? I like both of them but usually have them separately.

  5. Interesting. My twin daughters like sandwiches with chips in them. A story about tuna - one of the guys at our church ate a tuna sandwich most everyday for lunch and his body began attacking itself. Drs blamed his love for canned tuna! Too much mercury is a bad thing and I guess tuna has been known to have too much of it.
    Type into Google: tuna mercury to read up on this health alert.

  6. It was nice learning about you.


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