Friday, March 7, 2008

Just the idea of blogging is so cool

Today, in the quiet of my home (well not quite, Veggie Tales in the back round) I sit here and ponder the world of blogging. I have now been part of it for a little over a month. Now I have blogged on myspace for over a year. And myspace is something that those you choose can read. Most of which are people who know me, my family and a few I have met through myspace. So here I sit in a new world of blogging.

I know personally two of the fine ladies on my blog. and Take a moment and look at the creativity and inspirational words these women have to share. Leaking Window has an amazing study on friendships which has me pondering many things in my own life concerning friendships.

What I have realized is how blessed I am to get a glimpse into the hearts of so many people. Ladies who live everyday kind of lives and can share how God is working in their hearts. I can respond or ask more questions and come away more blessed, than had I not read that particular blog. It is truly amazing.

Have you ever been in a Bible study at church with lots of woman. Some who you look across the room and think, now that is a person I want to get to know. There is just something about them. And then the study is over, you run to get your kids and the thought of any kind of lengthy conversation is gone. I feel with blogging I get the chance to really read the heart of a person. There is a time each day when my children are napping or having a quiet time. Believe it or not there are young boys in this house right now all quiet. I never spend that time to dishes, laundry, housework. I kind of clean as I go and so sitting is easier. I have some time with God, reading and praying and now I have added time to read blogs. And I truly find my heart skipping beats as I read about this or that.

Today I read about a woman who is de-cluttering her house and is having a garage sale. She said she could not have done it without the help of important friends who seem to less attached to her stuff, making it easier to get rid of someone else’s things.. Now, this one is not really deep or spiritual, but it made me laugh at all the stuff I have purged over the past two years. I could not even host a garage sale. I just had to put things in a bag and give it away. There is something about putting a $5.00 ticket on something that I view as priceless.

All to say that I am so inspired and blessed by all of you who blog. I look forward to my daily review of your blogs and hope that you gain some sort of profound insights from mine. You know like dipping powdered donuts into one small cup of milk with three boys is grounds for… powdered noses looking up at you like you are the coolest mom in the world. Blessings elizabeth


  1. I like your new profile picture :0) I love the bloggy world too!!! so many neat souls...and one day we'll all be in heaven saying: It's so nice to finally meet you, Elizabeth Embracing Life...or Beloved MaMa, or ___________ :0)

  2. Elizabeth - Fun Foto! Thanks for your affirmation... You are too kind! Keep it up! Well, I'm hoping you aren't sick now, too. I missed you Wednesday night. Only two more chapters to go in Friendships of Women. I think the Lord is actually going to let me wrap it up soon... and then... hmmm... I think I'll go get some of those powdered donuts you're talking about...

  3. Thanks for your precious prayers for me dear one, I appreciate you.

  4. thank you for stopping by today! I'll visit again soon!

  5. I have had this experience like you are talking about at Bible study. I like the way you describe blogging friendships. It is so neat to find there are other people out here that I can learn from and laugh and cry with. I used to blog and then life had a way of getting busy so I didn't for about 6 months but I am glad to be back. I really can't believe how easy it is to get attached to people this way.

    about the de-cluttering woman. I could use her advice. I am not too bad with clutter, but most of the stuff I keep around I am emotionally attached to. Like how can someone be emotionally attached to shoes, or a pair of pants from high school, or a ball of yarn. Well you get the picture.

  6. Hey there. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice words. God does bring us miracle babies in our lives only to those mommies that truely do treasure every moment, I'm glad that with Ethan you have found something that seems to be helping with him and the rest of your family. Come back for a visit anytime.

  7. Hi- Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've really enjoyed reading through yours. It is so insightful and heartfelt.
    By the way, I think we live pretty close to each other- I'm in Portland, OR too! :)
    Michele :)

  8. Ciao! So pleased to meet you through the party, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better :)

  9. I have those women in my Bible study and some brand new believers that look at them with such awe wondering if they will ever get there. I love watching them "Get There!"
    I really enjoyed reading your blog today. I came over from Shannon's.
    I enjoyed Veggie Tales today too, and I didn't even have the grandkids over!

    Because of Jesus, Bobbie

  10. I am so glad that I know Beloved Mama and she sent me your way. I am blessed-powdered donuts and all!


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