Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Emerson Turns Two

E5 is now two years old today.

It was a busy Saturday morning on July 2nd 2005. I was scheduled on July 5th for a tummy tuck. I was going to be staying at Mary Alice's for ten days to recover. She was going to play nurse maid. This was going to be the year of Elizabeth. I had four very big babies and my body was just not going to snap back especially at the age of 39. So I was bravely stepping out to get a little trimming of my post stretched out baby belly.

I stopped first for breakfast before running the errands a mom runs before being away for 10 days.  it was then I realized I was chewing ice.  I looked at my cup of ice and cringed and then smiled. All of a sudden the past four weeks were making sense. I denied at first and just said that at my age it's easy to mistake pregnancy for the early onset of menopause.

In early June I had been tired. Not just to much going on in a short period kind of tired, but really dragging all day. I was breaking out in sweats at night and after a week of this, and all the kids home for the summer, David and I agreed that hiring a full time nanny to help would give me naps during the day and help with all the kids.

So after breakfast I went home  I was tired. I took the test and tossed it aside and said "nope it's got no lines it's suppose to". I tossed the test in the garbage and walked out of the room leaving David behind. He retrieved the test and the instructions out of the garbage and called me back in. Two lines means it's a positive. About 8 tests later over the next week I finally convinced myself that I was not going through early menopause. The surprise pregnancy of Emerson has been the most blessed experience.

Emerson is a true little delight. He is a terrific kid. He is happy. He follows after his brothers to be part of what they are saying, singing, or playing. He is smart and silly and has a little of all his siblings. Every night before bed he wants me to sing "bi-bi so" (Jesus loves me) . Happy 2nd Birthday Emerson. May God bless you more as you learn and explore your world. I love you!!!


  1. You are extremely blessed to have 5children. I wish I were so lucky! Did you ever have that tummy tuck??:) Blessings to your little one to have such a wonderful mommy.

  2. Oh, Elizabeth... you do not have a boring life! You are such a sweet spirit! Can't wait to hear about you hiding under Emerson's covers and scaring him, too...

  3. Happy birthday, E!!!!

  4. I never did get that tummy tuck. And now with one in college and another heading off to college this fall, no tummy tuck on the horizon.


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