Sunday, February 17, 2008

Church Service

I was standing in worship this morning and could not help but let a release of tears roll down my face. As I stand there singing my heart out I realize that on my own I am so not worthy to be standing there singing the name of Jesus. I am flawed, imperfect and I get the privilege of standing in worship just saying his name, as the songs words said..Just same the name...the most amazing feeling to embrace this knowledge.

I stand in awe of "his glory, his honor, his mercy, his forgiveness". His name is so perfect. His name pours into my heart and he allows me to stand before him. He wants me to come before HIM and just say his name-Jesus!! I am thankful and humble as I stand with my tears falling not just off my cheek but onto his feet.

Last Wednesday Emily was studying in the coffee area of our church. She shared with me in the car, on the way home how she was blessed by this old man. He started chatting with her and she learned that he was 80 years old, a retired pastor. She said that she had knowledge and wisdom poured into her through this old guy. Guess what? The same "old guy" preached today and he is gifted enough even at 80 to speak to the heart of a young person and one approaching middle age.

I stopped this pastor after church as there was one very strong point in which I did agree with him on. I truly do not make it a point to ever approach a speaker and challenge what they are speaking out on, but this I could not resist. I was first in line to shake his hand and let him know how his teaching had touched and challenged my heart. I then said that I did not agree on one of his final statements. He brought a young mo-hawk hair, drummer dude up to the front and said that at his age he really was not the best person to minister to his age group and this young man clearly was more fit. I shared with him how it was my daughter he had chatted with on Wednesday and he just grinned from eat to ear and hugged me. He remembered Emily. She had asked him some very deep questions and prefaced it with....."Since you are so much older than I am, what kind of life wisdom can you impart on me this evening, to which he, the old guy shared much and my daughter was blessed by him.

What a dynamic speaker at 80. How blessed to start my week with worshiping. praise and great Biblical teachings. Blessings

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  1. Oh, how cool is that! What a sweet and precious gift from God to use Pastor Tom in your daughter's life... Thanks for sharing that!


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