Thursday, January 31, 2008

introducing my thoughts

I think it is interesting this idea of blogging. I have journaled my entire thoughtful life, which began around the age of 14. I have books and books of journals. Some which have been passed onto my daughter to read, so she can see that I too struggled with similar issues. Even she and I have journaled back and forth to each other. I have the precious memory in a cute little book of her 12 year old thoughts.

Now in blogging, there is something about the words written for the world to read that says....this is it or not. There has to be a certain amount of confidence with blogging as others will be reading, often reporting, and thinking over your words, and thus having an opinion of you and your thoughts.

My title is "elizabeth embracing life". Because I truly believe God has significance in every thought that I have, every breath that I breathe, and every day that I live. I don't always have to get it, but I truly believe it and for that I truly embrace life and all that it offers. It is through blogging that I have shared some heart felt moment (through a myspace blog), I have shared the sillies of the day, and not so brainy moments. For me blogging is being able to share a part of life that may help someone else along. Sometimes even a good laugh helps a person in their day. I pray that God would use my words to encourage, to inspire, to challenge, to bring all of us into a place of embracing who we are in Him.

So, this being my first "real" blog, out there for the world to see I say simple this. Embrace Life!!!


  1. Hello Mama! Its me, Diana. I would like to be the first one to post a comment to your "Simply Embrace Life" blog #1.
    One paragraph that stood out to me is your journaling. I used to do that myself, and very often. I keep all of my journals, and can never have enough...But what was special to me is you staying faithful in your journaling & allowing Emily to read them. Then you two lovely ladies journal back to one another. That is something, I realize, that I am utterly jealous of. Unfortunately, my mother was raised and grew up in an atmosphere of survival & keep your thoughts to yourself...and journals were as expensive as bread was. So we are unable to journal...but we do talk about our thoughts, but journaling one another does sound fun & a bit silly(which i like). You have inspired me to stay faithful in journaling, so that I may perhaps aid my daughter in understanding her own feelings. :]
    Thank you Mama!
    Hug your 3 bundles of love for me!

  2. WELCOME :0)
    Can't wait to have you in this new world :)

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  4. Can I just add that 2 of my closest friends, both who have college age kids...have entered the blogging world THIS VERY WEEK :)
    You can meet her...she is in my sidebar under Grace :)

  5. Oh, Elizabeth... I thinkest thou art a kindred spirit! What surprises the Lord has in store for us!

  6. Welcome! We'll find our ways along just fine --- at least that what my good friends tell me. :} If I do something really stupid, I'll try to warn you so you don't make the same mistake!


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