Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ever Feel Like a Mommy Failure?

Today was not a good day.  Today I cried and felt like a mommy failure.  Many things broke today.  Things got dirty that made me upset, and I took a three hour nap in the late afternoon. In addition to feeling like a failure I have allergies like I have never had, thus the three hour nap. Apparently the pink colored allergy tab makes you sleepy.
Cupboard door that will not close and will not edit on this page.

Writing on brother's desk. Tsk! Tsk!

Duct Tape art of broken glass.

Starting with what broke. The dishwasher leaked, the cupboard door got hung on and bent the hinge so the door does not close. My one son was angry for having a time out on his bed and threw something that literally cracked the glass in his window. He was mortified that a stuffed animal could do this, except he forgot he had tied a matchbox car around the neck of the stuff animal weeks earlier. So we have dishwasher, cupboard door and window broken.

If that was not enough one child decided to use a blue sharpy and draw a stick figure with big buns on his brother's desk. Then tried to clean it with my fancy expensive bathroom towels.  No one liked the healthy smoothies I made and laundry is everywhere.  Allergies are in fact compromising my coping skills because today I could not just laugh it off. I cried and then slept for three hours. Which was easy since one boy was grounded on his bed, one was lost in Ipad Heaven and another had control of the remote.

What happens on days like today.  Don't we all have a little of this every day.  Of course we do.  I thank God that this is just a day.  I felt like a mommy failure, and the minute little arms are wrapped around you saying I love you it all passes.  The one who broke the window had so much remorse.  I know how he feels. I broke a window once. I can not get mad.  David was calm, and got the duct tape to cover the cracks.  He is getting good at this quick repair. Last summer a flying rock broke another window, and that is still artfully duck taped.

Did I mention this is a house full of boys. I have learned that no size of a home can contain the energy of boys. Thanking God we have space and lots of outside play.  Now it's 2am.  That 3 hour nap was great, but the morning will come....oh wait it's Spring Break and this mama will be sleeping in.  Mommy failure day has passed.


  1. How these days can play with our hearts. May the excitement of yesterday be a dull roar today. May the rain help just a little with the allergies so there is no need for a pink pill. And yes, those darn things make anyone sleepy. But may you have a peace that can only come from one place. Hugs to you. Steffi

  2. I have many days like this but thankfully kids are forgiving and naps make it all better. :)


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