Monday, May 21, 2012

Your Children Grow Up

It happens.   Your children grow up.  Then they move out.  Then your time is redefined.

And you thank God.  I thank God. i thank God for giving me the ability to raise such a lovely daughter.  That my own insecurities as a parent, my own foibles in life did not destroy her heart, her smile, her passions, her mind, or her gifts in this world.   The heart HE designed in her.  I thank God that as she embraces this next adventure in her life, I am still her mom.  She is a terrific friend.  She  calls often.  She still texts me.  Even if they will now come across the miles. . Just a few moments calling me from another state asking the best way to handle a minor situation.  As she has grown up, under my roof, often in close proximity I chose to love her right where she is at. Whatever process she is in, and to be there.

It's a beautiful gift to have a relationship with a daughter.  It's a gift when they grow up and want your friendship.  I count it a joy to know those deeper parts of her heart, that she only shares with a select few.  And now the shifting of time, geography, proximity.  She is moving across the country.  There will not be that text, "mom you want to go get coffee with me?"  She knows my love for her is deep.  I will miss her, but I also know that as a mother we send our children off into this world with the confidences in knowing that they are in His care always.  Going to miss you Pie Sweety!

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  1. Just watching you with Emily brings such joy to my heart Elizabeth. May I learn from you when to know what my son is looking for. Is it time to be Mom or friend? May this time with your precious daughter be a blessing to all of you. Much love to you always.


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