Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Feel So Beautiful

Some-days I don't feel so beautiful.  I get to bed a little to late.  My sleep a little restless. My hair crazy and out of control.  The dishes stacked in the sink, the dirty pan left over from last night.  The laundry piled up and about 30 projects waiting to be completed. All external in nature.

I stumble this morning half awake to make coffee.  Emily out the door early for work. David out earlier than her for an early morning meeting at the hospital.  Boys wandering, laughing giggling and building new lego designs, or drawing more pictures.  Some-days I don't feel so beautiful.  All external in nature.

I start making lunches, tidying just a bit and decide it's going to be a lovely and beautiful day regardless of the externals of nature. It's life in these parts. In every corner of my home there is life. Some times a bit discombobulated.  I grab my coffee and decide to start those first sips outside. Next to the beautiful flowers Eric planted last summer.  And then, I see it and I get it.

This one flower stood out.  As if to be saying, "Yes, Elizabeth we all have days when we don't feel so beautiful." It's pedals a little mangled. I am sure from boys and dogs running through the flower beds. Others, like this flower, not yet opened or ready for the day, yet this one flower was opened, awake and beautiful to me.  Stunning!  I smiled, grabbed my phone and took this picture.  A deep message to my heart.  Does our father look down on us in the same way I see this flower?  Tattered around the edges, up earlier than we would like. Does he look at us at me,, much like this one single flower and think "stunning" she is?  

Beautiful He makes us.  Looking at our discombobulations and I am know He smiles at His creation, at me and at you.  The beauty He sees is not about the externals. He see me and you as beautiful.  Why?  He made us in His image.  Even with the crazy hair, the tattered edges His beauty within stems out. Much like this lovely single flower.  My gift from heaven, as a reminder that even if the externals do not looks so lovely, there is beauty in each of us, through the eyes of our maker. 
Happy Wednesday dear friends, love elizabeth who, just for a moment, did not feel so beautiful.

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  1. I am certainly struggling with this issue as well Elizabeth. Just seems to be one of those weeks where I feel as if nothing is beautiful. I am thankful for you and think you are stunning! Continue to challenge me my friend. Much love to you always.


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