Saturday, March 31, 2012

Words to "YOU"

"You" know who "you" are.  I just got off the phone with "you" and promised I would keep "you" private. Only refer to "you" as "you".  So that "you" know it's "you" I am writing about.

Who ever thought I would be encouraging a woman on her issues of diet.  You see, she is a yo-yo dieter.  I am grateful to have rebellion towards diets and the next new thing in dieting.  She has watched me these past few years. Well many years, as we are great friends.  She use to ask me how I stayed in such great shape.  I always had my answer "eat well and sleep well".  I did not realize, back in those days, about eight years ago, just how well I ate. Only that a 4th pregnancy sent me to fast food, sugars, and carbs.  My body turned into a craving machine and in that craving machine I ballooned up 80 pounds in a nine month pregnancy.  It was my 4th baby. All other pregnancies were only 20-23 pounds of weight gain, and within six weeks most of it was gone. I thought PA-SHAAAA  that 80 pounds will just fall off. And guess what it did not.  My body was hooked on the drugs of processed food.  I would never admit being hooked, because I did not even know what that looked like until this past January.

With all the courage in the world I decided to purge my body of the things it became so use to.  It was only going to be for a couple of weeks. No dieting, no special formula, no lists to shop for or food to weigh, count or measure. Just eat the way you use to Elizabeth.  And I did.  And "you" noticed and "you" are asking for my help. My encouragement and some of my journal entries.  My two weeks turned into a lifestyle. One that was familiar to me from my years of the past. And then things made sense.  The writings and blogs who "eat well".  That came back to me and to my family.

Together, we decided to make "your" journey public.  "You" are not so public in your life, so "you" are allowing me to write and allow others, who may have gone before "you" to read, have hope and perhaps be inspired for change.

I wrote in my journal my first few weeks of making this lifestyle change. Over this next month I will share those with "you" and those who read here. "You" can do this!!!! Remember what I said, "I practically had to handcuff myself to my bed posts the first two weeks because I craved something sweet."  "This is for no one but yourself."  Now after three months, it's a lifestyle change and one thing I realized.  When you are not addicted to sugars and carbs you absolutely do not crave, think or desire them. I knew there was this way with food, but I had been so far removed that my body even forgot.  

Praying for "YOU" this next week as you begin a life changing journey. Keep this in the same way you ask God  for help in others areas of your life, guess what? He wants to help in this area too.  I have seen God show up in this private part of my life and show me new things about following Him in ALL things.  "You" really should start journaling your journey and how God is going to carrying "you".  He loves that you are choosing to honor the very body He designed in "you".  Blessings sweet "You"!

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