Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Week of Summer VACA.

One week left of summer vacation for the boys.  I keep checking the calendar and should pinch myself too.  I have had 23 summers with children.  I have yet to look back on a summer and say..."I should have done that, or I wish we could have done that."   We just go, do, and play.  My garage is a testament to that.  So many stop, drop, and runs.  You can pretty much tell what we like to do, by looking in our garage.

Bikes tossed here and there.  The result of quickly getting them in the garage and running to the next thing.
Backpacks.  A few of them. Running out the door and grabbing another filled with the days food and water.
Beach towels. I have to many to count.  Luckily David will retrieve them to wash and have ready.
Life jackets.  All but one left in these, but there they are strewn about.
Swimsuits dangling and hanging out to dry.  We have so many extra's that all have been worn.
Tennis rackets, golf clubs, footballs, and toys everywhere.
Drum set, positioned in front of the freezer, with just enough to get the door open and closed.
Boxes and bins of things I have collected to start a little re-design side business.
Miscellaneous furniture stacked and packed when the olders get into their own homes.
Jackets, sweatshirts and coats, to many for our coat rack to hold just strewn about.
Socks, more socks than I can imagine...everywhere.

David keeps saying that he is looking forward to my first project of the school year. When all three boys are in school.  Cleaning and tidying the garage. I actually have on my list today. "Collect all the socks and shoes." It is a start. (p.s. that dining room table disaster is cleaned. Having a guests for a big dinner will fuel any dining room project.)

So, as we close out this last week of summer. Eric made me a list of the things he would like to do this week, and Ethan wrote a song.

 I love that Ethan is writing songs. Sitting at his drums with papers and markers...drumming, stopping, writing, and then drumming some more. I asked him what he wants to do this last week before school and he said write lots of songs.  Reading the words, my heart melts.
Eric is about the good stuff. Icecream,, donuts, and swimming.  Little does he know that I bought all the fixing for banana splits.  All his favorites hidden away. How did mom know this would be at the top of his list?  Every time we have a mama date he wants to go get icecream.

I don't have any written words from Emerson, but he said  this for his last week of summer "just play".  Enjoying this last week of summer vacation.  Thanks God how you give us such wonderful places to go, parks to play in, friends to play with, and lots of time in these summer lazy days.

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  1. I would love to live in your home Elizabeth. I used to just dread the last week of summer vacation. You make it a time to remember and still be excited about. May you time with your boys be wonderful this week. And when it is time for ice cream, just give me a call.:-) Much love to you. Steffi


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