Monday, June 6, 2011

That 22 Year Old Brain

It is no half marathon. It's not even a quarter of a marathon, but it's my race. One between Him and me. (poor grammar I know).

A few months back, I decided to join many of the ladies from Solid Rock Church, my home church in the Portland area to train for a half marathon.  Training that my 22 year old brain thought would catapult my 45 year old unhealthy body into.  Oh I blogged my ambitions, and spent time talking with God how we were going to do this.  As I began the acent up the first hills of training, and over the river and through the woods it took weeks to get those first two miles on the books and even then it was not a success.  It was a greater struggle than I had anticipated.  Running, even with the best shoes was not producing the miles I had hoped. So discouragement set in. Abandonment of my family for something for something that I truly did not enjoy, nor did my body.  You see my miles were not 8-10 minute miles. They were more like 15 minute miles, so just to get in a four mile or even five mile run/walk...well my husband often wondered what may have happened to me.

As the weeks turned into months I had to really take my heart and my body to my Maker and realize that this time in my life would not allow for some long distance running.  That fact that I could not clock the miles did not mean I was a failure.  I did not have to run and hide. I could embrace what God has shown and taught me between the two of us through this.  This season did get me moving more. This adventure our church started did get me up and down hills, even if I am walking most of them.  I am so blessed by the young friend who came to my door each week to encourage me as we ran and walked. 

I am looking forward to the time with the gals this weekend. Walking the 10k at the Helvetia Half  with some ladies with Solid Rock. Give me 23 miles to walk and that I know I can do that. I am sure I do that just chasing three boys around.

I want to encourage those who are working in many different areas of your lives on self discipline. Look into your own heart and ask God to show you.  Sometimes we look to others, their abilities, their skill level and think that has to be us. If I could run an 8 minute mile and not leave my family for a few hours to try to get a run in that could be me, but that is not a reality in my home.  It's okay.  My 24 minute mile, sad, I know.  Leaves my family in shambles. I have a hard working husband who works long hours so I can stay home.  My heart it to come around my husband and my family in this season and when those needs are cared for then I can take that extra time, 30 minutes and jump on my treadmill or get a walk in.  And live a healthful life.  I want to encourage those, like myself, who are improving one day at a time.  That 22 year old brain gets the best of me at times, and I will admit I long for that time when I use to run my 3,5,8,10 circuit weekly. I loved building the miles and I had the time and my miles were half what I do now, as was my body. haha.

Love and Blessing and excitement for this weekend's race. Elizabeth


  1. Was just seeing my doctor today and he was encouraging me that the best thing I can do for my health is to eat right and exercise. Better get to it!

  2. I think that now at the age of 44 I just see things a little differently. I no longer feel it necessary to disrupt my family schedule just to make sure I can stay a certain size. I now look at life as one of health. Not only of the body, but of the heart and soul of my family. This season of my life finds me still needing to love on both my husband and son. I will take the walking and eating healthy knowing that I am doing God's will over everything else. Great words of wisdom Elizabeth. Much love always.


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