Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Start of Summer Vacation

I have come to the realization that I take my best pictures when I have no clue what I am doing.  Today I snapped this picture from my phone.  It started out as a sunny morning with a hint of gray in the air.  We decided to attend the noon service.  The two older boys and I decided to walk. David and Emerson would come later.  And so off we went.  Our church is only about three miles away, but the way the boys walk with all the switch backs, I am sure they clocked about double that. Walking together discovering adventures along the way.

I don't ever remember walks like this with Emily. Emily held my hand and together we skipped and sang songs and told stories.  She and I would look back and watch our shadows and talk about the colors of flowers and the clouds above.  Not the case with boys.  They run ahead, and then run back. They run through the trees and find things they should not pick up.  They find sticks and stones of all shapes and sizes and want to know how they got there and how long they have been there.  They climb on brick walls and balance along anything that is higher than six feet.  I just stroll along the sidewalk chatting away with them, making sure to keep them in sight.  Looking up, and seeing them standing on a wall. Eric with his stick and Ethan pretending he was a plane and then "click" went my phone. Capturing two boys and the start of summer on our way to church.

We took a short cut that brings us into the back end of the church. It requires some walking through a path that is over grown and then up a ridge that takes us over the railroad tracks. My nine year old said "mom let me take your hand." and my heart melted. I let him take my hand and lead me.  We stopped and listened for a train and then scrambled up and over.  Ran down the path and then saw the parking lot of the church.  We were all so proud of ourselves for making it time for the service and met up with David and Emerson.  What a terrific start to summer vacation. 

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