Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just Ramblings Today

Today is a good day...

I have been shown about 25 different designs of  lego space ships.

It is past 1pm and I am still sporting my new stripe light blue jammies.

Emily made a beautiful salad, and I ate it all alone as the boys were madly inventing more space ships with legos.

I have only had to administer one spanking to one five year old because he said he wanted to punch his brother in the face for not wanting to share.  Although physical contact was not made a little incentive on the backside just might prevent the hint or idea of physical contact, plus it's just not nice to talk that way.

I have loaded a few pictures from my phone onto facebook. Only to have my daughter  take some down because she knows my password, and I don't even know my own password. That is wrong and she can be a stinker like that.  But then it was not one of her better pictures. I get that. The word I used is "scrappy" when referring to her picture.

I just sorted and packed all the fun stuff for camp next week.  I am kind of giddy over being a leader this next week.  All the cabin time treats, and surprises for the girls all carefully disguised so they don't find this stuff to soon. You have to be creative when being a Young Life leader.  Good thing past years as a leader taught me well.

Everyday between 1pm-2pm it is suppose to be quiet time and every day Emerson comes in asks to take a bath.  He takes one every morning while Papa gets ready for work. His bath time is more like swimming fun.  I think this boy "swims" about 2 times a day most of his life, as an activity to keep him out trouble with his older brothers.  "Yes Emerson you may go swimming." 

This is one random blog entry. I had actually written a really long one, which had depth and meaning, but then my heart was challenged to not post it. Does that ever happen after you have written something? I read it again and I realized that God is working more on my heart to refine more of what I was writing, and then it will be posted at another time. So instead some light hearted ramblings instead.

Also while I am typing away, Emily is playing the violin in the background and boys chatting across the hallways from one room to the next. This is rarely a quiet house, so really wondering what "quiet time" really means.  Just a break from each other  in our own spaces separated by walls.

Before there was computers I use to fold laundry during "quiet times"  This time 1pm-2pm has been that time since the beginning of my mothering. I am a creature of habit that is for sure.  I would fold laundry, and then don't laugh....I would watch a soap opera for one purpose  I have mentioned before that I am not very good at putting clothes together. So I would flip the channels to different soap operas, never following a story line, just looking at how people dressed. Back then, some 15-20 years ago it did serve me well, because when I was in business I modeled those black suits, bright collared shirts and hair clips. 

Today, now during that hour, I read a little, catch up on blog reading. I truly love reading the hearts and real time of others and then write some myself.  

Enjoy your day and my ramblings.
Love and Blessings,

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  1. I just love how you share your day Elizabeth. I have finally written that one blog and am having Wyatt edit it for me. I am like you in that one does have to put them up when they are truly ready. May your time next week be such an incredible blessing to everyone involved. And yep, I like that you are still in your jammies. Much love to you.


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