Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I wrote this back in 2008, came across it and laughed.  Somethings never change:

Am I getting old?  Is all that is consuming my brain affecting the ability for me to hear clearly what another person is saying?  The past couple of days have produced some funny misunderstandings...
1.  Elliot walks into my room.  I think he says "mommy can I talk with you about matters of my heart".  I put down my book, and say "sure honey".  He then opens David's drawer, takes a pair of socks and walks out of our room.  I call him back in and say...what did you just ask me?  Elliot says..."mommy can I steal a pair of David's socks"

2.  Emily comes to me while I am  doing something and I think she says "mom I need some help in the hall".  So I finish up what I am doing, curious what she needs help with and she is now where to be found.  I ask David where Emily is and he says "I thought she said she was going to the mall"

3.  Ethan said when he is done with his quiet time he wants a milkshake, I said no, you can not have a milkshake. He then stomps off to his room very frustrated. I go to him and explain why the middle of the afternoon, while everyone is napping is not the time. He then shows me the project he is working on, at his desk and while "mommy's tape" is important to completing this project. He just wanted some of my tape from my desk.....

Ever since the kids were learning to talk, I would take their chubby little faces and say look at my eyes, so that we connected when we were talking. I think they now need to take my chubby face and say mommy look at my eyes and then talk to me.....still laughing and if you have read this far, I hope you are too.


  1. Thanks for sharing your funnies!

  2. So funny Elizabeth! I tend to have moments like this as well these days. I will now take your advice and have my guys grab onto my face so that I can see instead of hear what they are saying. Too Funny!

  3. I love when David and I misunderstand each other in a funny. Typically it's me, and he will say "what are you doing?" perplexed only to realize I thought he said something completely different. So funny.


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