Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Raining Outside

 It's raining again today.  It rained yesterday, the day before and the weather guys says counting back 28 days it has rained.  I know that I have posted some links to Emily's music before, but everyone once in a while I have to put this song on and just listen over and over again.
click on Paper Planes

It's a raining kind of song and I love it. I think that even if Emily was not my daughter I would still love it.  

Recently a Facebook page was added:  Emily Otteson Music  If you would lilke to "like" this page that would be wonderful.  It's very hard for Emily to have anyone or anything promote her, but she is realizing that music is her gift from God, her passions and so next month she begins work in a studio producing her first CD.  Also now booking churches for her to visit and bless as well. If you want her to come and sing, send me a note and we will see if we make something happen.

God is so good in how He shines on this gray colored day.  Cupcakes baking for this little guys birthday, sprinkles and frosting ready to be put on top. His favorites, and gifts wrapped.
 This year he wanted only one friend to come to celebrate his birthday. I think have four other siblings make for a house full, so we will pick up that one friend to join us after school.  This young man is so tender-hearted and what a blessing to have him growing up in this home. Happy Birthday Eric and may God continue to shine in your heart as you seek to know Him more.

Happy Wednesday, Elizabeth


  1. I adore her voice and music; her "passion" as well. Keep me posted on the release of her first CD. Can't wait to have it and to share it.


  2. Elizabeth--so so fun to find your blog...not even sure how I wandered in here...but Colson has asked about Ethan from time to time and I loved reading about how well he is doing (your Miracle Lord post).


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