Sunday, September 5, 2010

Embracing God

I realized this morning that I don't really embrace life, I embrace God and who He is in my life. How I relate to God on every level of my life. I was inspired this morning by reading a little two page story of a young man who had his dad walk out on him as a young child. His story was so much like mine that it moved me to tears. I realized in that moment that it is not just the life I live that matters, or even embrace, it's God's Divine interventions into every aspect of my life that moves me to embrace the life I have.

I have also changed my statement and removed the "wife" part. I am letting go of marriage in tiny tIny baby steps. I have to say, for me this is a huge step even for a blog with few readers. I have so many people who come alongside and love on me. I truly am a blessed woman.

One of the leaders at our church asked that I meet with a woman who leads our woman's ministry. He wanted me to meet with her, to check and make sure I am okay. I lead and mentor many young women at this church and given my new status in marriage I was not even sure they would want me leading. I met with this gal who can grab the heart of an issue and Biblically speak wisdom. It's a gift she has and God uses her in the life of many. He used her in my life as she spoke of the realities I am to face. Realities I will touch on later in the weeks or months but for today I just smile knowing that God is sending those to speak into my life, His continued glory. I was affirmed to continue in mentoring as I walk through this season and the girls, all whom I have grown to love like my own daughter, are amazing to continue to bring their hearts for processing to me.

With this next season of life more than life I embrace God.


  1. I love God's interventions (or interruptions as I like to say) :D Makes us hang on tighter to Him for the awesome ride were on! Love you my friend!

  2. Dear Elizabeth - How poignant! To acknowledge the change in your life... and to acknowledge that you are not embracing life as much as you are embracing the ONE who gave you life.

    You are a true mentor. I think it is important for our mentors to be real and authentic. The change in your circumstances does not affect your embrace of the ONE who gave you life... and that is what I think He calls us to live out and share with those in our lives.

    I love you and pray for you as much as I think of you. May God bless you, dear one.


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