Thursday, July 1, 2010

It is not "fake" joy

Several weeks ago I emailed a very wise woman and asked if there is such thing as "fake" joy. In James 1:1-4 "Count it all joy my brothers when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let that steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing"

There is pain ,there is heartache, there is weeping & crying, Then there is facing the full force of the realities of my life where that pain is growing and building. There is loss, there is that next person who asks a question and all the while in the exposure of ones life. A life of that is fully expanded with TRIALS of VARIOUS KINDS and in all of this we are instructed to "Count it all joy."

When I am facing full throttle the realities of despair I am questioned over my composure, my lack of worry or fear for the future. I sleep at night, I have happy energy during the day. I was able to answer that question about "fake" joy on my own. I think I questioned it because others have questioned it in me given the realities of my circumstances. I had a dear friend over asking me lots of questions and truly baffled over how "different" we are in facing hardships. I can not get inside her head and understand her process, but I can unwind my own process.

It begins with the Word of God. Spoken Truth into my life and my desire and need to follow after the heart of His truth for me. It's no act. It's real. I examine my heart on the matters I am facing and have peace. I trust scripture, I trust that still small voice that speaks to me, I trust the way things in my life happen at the precise moment there is a need. It's real joy and I am embracing this storm with so much peace. Peace I can not begin to explain because if you know me I am all energy and yet God, and only God pours Himself into the painful parts of what I face and give me peace.

Do I cry? Weep? Tremble? You bet I do. But it is on my knees before my Maker that I can come to Him and find that place of hope, that place of grace and a true sense of peace. So what is all the fuss about in my life.

All though I have been given permission to share the details, right now I am choosing to only share with close friends and family who I see in real time, and those across the country who know me a little more intimately. I know God will direct my heart when I can share more. Please keep our family in your prayers.

God is so present and at work that I have joy, real joy as I walk through this season of trials. I do count it all joy dear friends, as I see how God truly does carry my heart in his hand. And how can you NOT be joyful with just that knowledge alone.
Blessings and Love


  1. I count it a joy to have you as my "joyful" friend. You know my prayers and heart are with you. I only wish I could drive over and give you a big hug.


  2. Dear Elizabeth... I think you truly possess peace that passes all understanding. Thank you for sharing your joy and not hiding it. That you know The Truth and He is your Peace. Continued prayers and love and hugs.


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