Thursday, April 22, 2010

This morning I wanted to cry... so I did. And then this song came on the radio..."He makes everything beautiful and I am Yours."

A big catastrophe in a week when nothing is on my calendar. I have a big event on Friday. Not only is my company putting on this event, but I was asked to be the guest speaker. So, with good planning and organization I have kept this week empty for any unknowns, and time to relax, long coffee mornings in prayer with Bible in hand and quality time with my husband and children. I worked hard last week to get everything done so I could relax this week.

If you read my earlier post you know of the flooding in our home. Major big unknown. Right now as I type I have industrial fans plugged in everywhere, humidifiers, all compliments of the clean up crew our insurance company brought in. The damage is evaluated and I have rejoiced all week in this mess because I can go the other way, but my family needs me to be the cheer leader. More than that in James we are called to be joyful in all things and this joyful business is a choice I am making.

No one is here now. No cheerleader, just a few tears and then I relax and begin to see how things may take shape. There is some humor. Like big fans blowing kids into the next room. Not really but take a look at the pictures. They are having fun. This is an adventure for them.

God already had things worked out. The first was time. Time last week to get everything I needed to get done. Time and cooperation with those whom I am working with. I am one of those people who loves to put myself in high gear before an event and get a lot done in a short amount of time. I like taking the day before a big event super charged and excited, but last week had this prompting to just do it. So now days before an event I do not have the stress of figuring it all out. God knows me. I don't work well with disorganization. I have said many times that I am not really able to function in another part of the house if the dishes are not done. My wonderful husband will do the dishes at night just so I wake up to a house put together. It's my OCD-ism, but it is me. God knows me, knows my OCD-ism and here I sit smiling, through some tears that I don't have to run around crazy trying to get it all done.

He has made my week beautiful...and today is everything...and I am His. Thanks Lord Jesus for knowing what I could and could not handle and giving me the peace of knowing I am ready for this Friday evening. That my house will be put together someday soon. You are Beautiful and I praise YOU!!!


  1. Isn't it hard when we are just supposed to trust? I see nothing wrong with tears for they bring us closer to Him. May you have a relaxing blessed afternoon. Take care and know that you are prayed for.

  2. Elizabeth... your trust in the Lord is inspirational. Thank you for being you... and being authentic with us. Tears... or cheers!


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