Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Benefit Concert Series

Mid week blues. I just ordered 1,000 blue gift bags. I am working on a project that God has been working on for many months. I just did not know about it until a few weeks ago.

There is this family that God has put on my heart to actively pray for. When they moved to Oregon I thought in the middle of the move they should at least be able to take a break and be fed, so we invited these strangers to dinner. Little did I know that their children were the ages of mine. My three year old had found his wife. The mommy is a sweetheart, and God would soon have me coming alongside the mission organization in which her husband is an Evangelist. By the way I had to look up how to even spell evangelist.

For years my heart has been troubled over why God would never call me to missions. I am tough. I can handle heat, unknowns, different food, and love people. I do not fear strange places and strange things that fly or crawl in those places. Yet my heart has never been prompted to get on a plane and serve on a mission. Why God? Perhaps my mission is right here at home. As the months have unfolded with this family I have sat under the teaching of this man. Our children have played and our mommy hearts have shared. Okay God, we can right a small check each month to support this mission. Is that really all I am called to do?

My daughter has been blessed musically. She has been blessed not just with opportunities and venues in our area, but has even had others come along and want to support her, in the ways they can, if she were to pursue music. Yet she has not jumped at these opportunities, nor has she known how. I can't fault her given her age. Her heart and passions with music have always been to bring people into worship with our Maker. I sat down with her several weeks ago and asked what hinders her from moving forward. She shared her heart and said that if she were to perform in a concert that was to feature her, she wanted all proceeds to benefit a mission. She did not want to perform with the purpose of drawing attention to herself, but more to God, His Kingdom, and what other can do to come alongside and learn what they themselves can do as well. I asked her who she would want to support.
Without any hesitation she said Jose Zayas.

I have blogged a few times about his teaching and the anointing on his life. I started to cry when she said that because I could see her heart's desire and I shared in the same. We brainstormed how we could come alongside Jose Zayas Evangelism International (J.Z.E. I.) ( God put on both our hearts the idea of a three part concert series over the next six months. We met with Jose and he was very accepting of our offer to come alongside.

In that time God has busted the doors open with His blessings in this project/event. My back round has been events all over the US for companies promoting products and ideas. Did I spend the last 15 years in training for God's kingdom kind of work? Did God truly know the desires of my heart and when that time would come using my gifts right here at home? Of course. As I look back over the last year and a half I see God's hand in so many ways and His workings to bring this together. J.Z.E.I just received a generous matching donation, dollar for dollar up to 50K. Timing? God? Perfect? Always.

I sit here completely humbled to be part of His mission plan. My prayer has been "humility in my ability" because at the end of the day it does not matter what my abilities are. What matters is that I am seeking His guidance and direction with each decision being made on behalf of His Kingdom.

Please, if you are reading this pray for the upcoming events. The first concert is scheduled for Dec. 2ND. If you are in the area and want more information you can email me or post on here. If you have resources you think we might need let me know.

Oh, by the way, the blue bags are gift bags for those attending the concert. I am blessed to have a number of people coming along to help out using their skills, resources and gifts. I had a dear friend ask if her Bible Study group could be our prayer warriors. It all begins with a prayer and God is always there, listening, and working His wonders into our hearts. Thanks Lord Jesus, thanks!!!!


  1. Such exciting things in your life. I am blessed to be a small prayer partner in it all.

  2. Oh, Elizabeth! This is so exciting I can barely believe it! Praise God! Keep us updated... and I'll be praying.

  3. Well, I wish I lived closer. I'd be lending my helping hands for sure! So proud of your daughter and you for coming alongside her to help her dreams come to fruition, along with helping this ministry. Please offer us some video footage post concert. What a blessing she must be to you in this season of life.

    PS: My own son is home just for the night. We're popping some popcorn and going to sit around and watch a movie this evening. Just love my adult sons (love the young ones too, but you know what I mean...)

  4. I agree, I wish I lived closer to come over! Sounds like fun! What a wonderful post!

  5. so amazing and i stand in awe!

  6. This is "fantastical" & amazing. I can't wait Mama Bear :)

  7. Her voice is beautiful. I listened to her via Beloved mama's link and am amazed. You must be more than proud. I too wish I lived closer. I'd be there helping.
    Elizabeth, I have a similar heart as yours. I've been praying a lot lately for God to show me what he wants with my desires. I long to serve in a bigger capacity than I am doing right now. We are part of a Christian and Missionary Alliance church and have a huge focus on missions. We hear from missionaries almost weekly and last week I talked to my cousin who does missions to India and Phillipines every summer. I long to go and serve a country like they do. However, it is not a desire I share with my husband. I just keep wondering what this desire is all about. Wondering if I need to look closer to home. Serve where I can. Serve my husband and family. So unsure. I'm so encouraged to see that you, having the same desires, finally have the ability to see years of prayer answered. How awesome and truly amazing. Can't wait to hear about the event.


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