Monday, September 7, 2009

Window Coverings

If my camera was working I would take a picture of the beautiful fabrics I have been eyeing for about five years. Having been an interior designer for so many years one might think it difficult to ever decide on fabrics that I could love because I have seen so many. These fabrics are me. I feel happy around these prints, I want others to feel happy and cozy and welcome when visiting. Darn no pictures to show, but pictures shall be coming.

I went the route of window coverings on my living and dining room by way of Target and Fred Meyer just to fill in. Even my husband was not so keen with what I came home with, but the selection was limited, the price's cheap and no one wants to be caught in their undies when running through the house half dressed. Someday I would splurge and have my window treatments made in the fabrics I love.

Over the weekend, Labor Day weekend, we decided to take time for shopping. Something that neither of us are very good at unless we have something specific to buy. I had new shoes to buy for my marathon walking race, new control heal socks, a rain jacket that was functional and not just fashion and a few other odds and ends. David did his share of shopping both of us "breaking the bank" as we call it because the reality is with two kids in college, and two in private school we try to make savings our priority in the events of who knows what. So to take some out of savings is not our character and we are not the kind of couple who "has to have it now".

David walked into the living and dining room and said these have to go. It's a special chemically backed window covering to reduce cold in the winter and heat in the summer. Only problem is when they heat up you can smell the backing. Not good, probably toxic and so I said then what? I suggested I go and visit my favorite fabrics and maybe find fabric on sales to make some simple coverings. I went to the fabric store and all my favorite home interior fabrics were 50% off. Woot!! Woot!!

In all my years, to find all three fabrics still in the collection and all on sale was a jackpot of savings. So I bought the yardage I needed and as I type this, Mary Alice is sewing away. Mary Alice is my 92 year old mother, not by blood, but through friendship and best friend. I was going to make them myself but with three boys, starting and stopping I would for sure mess them up. Plus she is fast and good.

Two hours after I had left her house she called and had them all cut out. She is also going to make some pillows, place mats, napkins, and as of today I will have her cover a cushion on a chair. My husband had the ladder out last night adjusting all the rods and securing them, so all it takes is just the hanging. What a lovely Labor Day weekend this turned out to be.


  1. Well, yes, a post like this calls for pictures. I also found out we have another thing in common... two in college, two in private school.

    One day, we'll be rich with all the $ we'll have; but then again, I think we're already rich right where we're at. I was reminded again this morning of just how much I have to be thankful for; I don't ever want to lose my gratitude for what I've been given.

    Love you, Elizabeth; have a grand week!


  2. God is good! He loves to spoil us, doesn't He? Thanks for sharing your wonderful Labor Day! We need to encourage one another to boast in the Lord.

  3. Can't wait to see the photos! Who is the maker?


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