Monday, December 15, 2008

Let it Snow...

There is something about snow that puts a brrrr cold smile on everyone. Warm pants, coats, and mittens make for a wonderful time of play in a winter wonderland.
It also brings everyone together around the dinner table with hearty appetites. I love having all the kids home. I typically do not expect Elliot and Emily home much, as they are out with friends and catching up with them. So this snow has all of us home, playing, Christmas music playing in the back round of wrestling, baking, and all home. I imagine if we had a horse drawn carriage it would be different and we'd be out in that.
Thanks Lord Jesus for the beauty of snow. Prayers for those who have no power, who have no shelter, and for those who are lost and lonely. May they find hope in those who come along side to offer love and warmth. Blessings.


  1. What a great picture~!

    When can I come and pick up my boys???? LOL

  2. Oh! How very FULL your heart must be! To have your children all together with you... Thank you, God! Thank you for the snow!

  3. I'm loving having all my youngin's under one roof again, although the noise level has greatly increased! Merry Christmas, friend. I know you have much to celebrate this season.


  4. Wow. My daughter lives in WA. state and she said they got hit too.

    Your kids look adorable, like little snow man. This is the thing I miss about having no winter. The kids outside giggling while I am warm and cozy baking away to Christmas music. I am definitely jealous. It is about 72 here and after awhile it gets somewhat tedious.

  5. Hey, that looks like my neck of the woods. Hoping you are surviving the storm. Have a wonderful Christmas. :)


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