Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Space or Face Book

I have had a myspace and facebook for the past two years and I realize it's not really necessary to be host to both.

The funny thing about the two is I rarely have time to decorate my page or make it all snazzy. I will have the same picture often up for months. Even with my blog it's boring, which I am not particularly boring. I even had a blogger try to help me decorate my page, but the sad truth is that unless someone sits at my desk for me, it may never get done....oh Christelle!!!!!!! I have always been creative in many area's of my life, but have yet to find pleasure in picking and choosing a look, style, or decorative page.

Many of the same people on myspace are on facebook, but my older children have more fun with facebook and I can keep up with the two of them better on facebook, and they seem to keep up with me better. Myspace was first set up by my son, as he went off to his freshman year of college...and now times are changing. So no more myspace for me.

It was kind of sad to take down. It's been like a new friend that I never really had time to learn and understand. My intentions were always there, but when it came time for being on the computer I wanted to read emails, blogs, and some other things, so the little time I had was not ever to be used to learn all the fun I could have. Oh well. I can't say I will learn much more from facebook, except that I do like it's format. So enough about that for now.


  1. you crack me up :o)
    for me, myspace has all my high school friends and facebook has all my other friends- so, I keep both- but I definitely don't check myspace very often- oh well...

    so, if you want a FREE cute backdrop for your blog: go to

    free and super cute!

  2. I only have a blog because I have just enough computer skills to handle blogger, forget myspace or facebook.

  3. There are alot of the moms of dhh kiddos on Facebook, I haven't found you but will try! I've never looked at myspace....

  4. Elizabeth, just dropping by to tell you that the link to the recipe for the cake is in the post...just click on the name of the cake and it will take you there :)

    But here it is, just in case:

  5. Hey Elizabeth! I never did myspace-and I resisted doing facebook, but I finally had gotten so many "friend invitations" or whatever- invitations to set up facebook that I caved. And now- 100 friends later, I'm sorta hooked. I try not to spend (waste) too much time on it, though. It's good to keep up with friends that I don't see often. And it definitely makes that easy.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog-I appreciated your comment!! Especially since I rarely feel like I get it! ;) It's nice to be encouraged!!!


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