Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Mother's Day Blessing

I just want to share a little of the heart of my oldest son. This is how he blessed me over mother's day.

Ode to My Beloved Mother

To the mom who taught my pen to write
To the mom who spurred my inner might
To the mom who helped me pass the test
To the mom who cheered me to give my best
From 1st grade-12th grade and now into college
Through you I've gained a greater knowledge
That though my grades may brag in sight
I firstly live for God's delight
And though my victories may come in power
I'll praise my God for every hour
So ode to you mom, you've taught me well
Now of your lessons my life will tell.

happy mother's day, love elliot


  1. absolutely beautiful :)

  2. That is so very sweet. What a blessing.

  3. Now that will make a mother's heart sing!

    Hi! I'm visiting from another site (not sure which one), but I liked your handle... "embracing life."

    I,too, have a son who has just returned from college, and three others still under my roof. I told someone the other day that one of the greatest joys I have known as a mother is watching my little son grow into a young man after God's heart.

    Seeing all my children "become" what God intends for them to "be" is by far the delight of my heart as their mother.

    You're doing a good job, mom! Chronicle these moments, not only with your heart, but with your pen.


  4. What a great gift. I love something from the heart more than from the store. Much more meaningful. He definitely can write an awesome poem..

  5. What a fine poet! And a gift from the heart is what Mom's treasure most!


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