Monday, February 25, 2008


I spent the earlier part of the afternoon gardening with Eric. After wandering around Target yesterday, looking for some new gardening tools, I realized I did not really want to spent $30 on the three things I needed. Rake, shovel and new nozzle. That is all I need. Our yard is a disaster. We have three fir trees that belong to the neighbors who back up to us. The damage to the lawn, which is now non-existant. due to being over powered by needles, and the branches and twigs that nature contributed, and the damage to all the flower beds seems a bit overwhelming. And truly with the right gardening tools can be a joy to see the before and after.

I did a stop over at the toy section of Target and found the perfect gardening tools all packaged together for only $7.99. Tike has a set which is larger than the little hand size stuff they typically make for the yard. All plastic, chunky, and sturdy. Nothing that can do serious damage if one of the tools made contact with a body part.

So Eric and I unpacked the tools. He was very excited to go out be a farmer with mommy. Once he had the shovel he asked if we could play sword fighting. I reminded him that we were going to be farmers and these are farmer tools. He worked so hard and was a terrific help. The yard container was filled within the hour and we put our farming project on hold to have a popsicle.

The yard looks so nice. Only half of it. The half that you see when sitting at our breakfast table. Oh joy, bliss, and a job well done. I love gardening. Next we will finish the other half of a very small yard and plant our flowers. That will not be until next week. I love spring, fresh air, outdoors and a clean yard. Blessings.


  1. I am so jealous!! We are sitting under piles of snow still. I am a gardener and long to dig in the dirt. How I wish I didn't live in the tundra sometimes! Take pictures so I can at least enjoy your garden. All I can do for now is shop for tools that will sit for at least another month or two. That and plan my garden on paper. I did order some dahlia bulbs from a farm in Oregon. Hope they turn out lovely! Enjoy your yard.

  2. Yes, my beagle has run me dry! I have actually contacted the organization I got her from and I think we will probably bring her back. I've given it almost 8 months and I give up. I thought I was doing such a nice thing by adopting her. My oldest could care less because of all the stuff of hers that she has destroyed. Yikes!

  3. Where in Oregon? Also I was thinking I should have taken pictues because it was soooooo bad. I think when the flowers start coming up I will have to take pictures.

  4. What wonderful fun for mom and son!

  5. I'm mental. I ordered them from Connels Farm in Tacoma not Oregon. For some reason I was thinking that it was Oregon. They are still beautiful and I can't wait to get them!


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