Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Wrapped Up

It has been a lovely Christmas in our home.  Now it's time to wrap up Christmas,  I feel incredibly blessed to have all my family around me. Healthy, happy, and all who can hang in the same room for hours and still enjoy each others company.  I lost at Star Wars Sorry game. I won at Battle Ship. I have built lego's, and enjoyed the constant use of the microphone Karaoke machine.  I slept in my Christmas Footie Jammies and swear I lost ten pounds sweating the night away. I wore my new perfume, Angel from David, and indulged in far to many See's chocolate cherry candies. Tonight it was just the family.  All seven of us gathered around the Dining Room  table. The SEVEN together again.  Elliot will get back into his own schedule as will Emily.  We will move meal time back to the breakfast table, but tonight just enjoying ourselves and laughing together.  This night ends a wonderful Christmas All Wrapped Up.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas.  There are lots. Sorry I tried my best to scale them down. ENJOY!
 Starting the evening out on Christmas Eve.  Having kids as musicians means extra special Christmas music.
Emily and Elliot bless us with an evening of music at Sonrise Church.

 Matt and his family joined us for dinner.  It's always the big kids I have to keep in line.
 Emily and Eric in their Christmas Eve jammies.
 Eric, Emerson and Ethan ready to walk out the door to deliver treats to our neighbors.
 Three striped shirts, three smiles, three sets of blue eyes, and three boys who melt my heart.
Emerson watches over Elliot.
 They call themselves "Bosom Friends", having known each other for about ten years.
 Elliot, Shennna, and Emily at a very Solid Rock Christmas.
Remembering the message of Christmas at Solid Rock's Christmas Eve service.
 The boys wating patiently to open their gifts. I love their new jammies.
 Emerson is truly excited about his new Karaoke machine.

 Papa and Ethan playing Battle Ship.

Elliot and Emerson building Legos.

Each year the boys get a new set of animals. Stories are told of these animals long before Christmas. Stories made up leading up to the delivery of the animals of this years stories.  This year is was about three bears who came to life in the Adventures of the Magical Forest.  (Someday I will write children's books.)
This was truly a wonderful year of celebrating. We celebrate many things. The birth of a Savior who came into this world to walk with us.  We celebrate being a family who embraces that Savior.  We celebrate the life we have in Christ Jesus.  Merry Christmas!
Please Be Blessed by the video below. Close your eyes and listen to the words.


  1. Happy New Year to you & yours Elizabeth. ;)

  2. Write those children's books! I'm so intrigued. FYI... at 4:00 AM in the morning, I was unable to watch the videos for some reason. Enjoyed the pictures, though. Happy New Year, friend.



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