Thursday, September 22, 2011

And She continues to bless my soul

Happy Birthday Piesweety!  Every year I post this note about Emily and her early beginnings. Her life is annointed and blessed.  God wanted her here on this earth and gave her residence into my heart and home. Thank you Lord Jesus for the blessing of this precious girl.

Her Story:
I was five months pregnant with my second child. I went in to have my first ultra sound with this baby. Back then they did not have early u/s like they do now. I had already been through two u/s’s with my first child so I knew what a joyful event this was to be. Unfortunately my husband had to work so I went on my own.
The technician asked the usual questions and started to run the device over my belly. I watched the screen which makes no sense to me. I looked at the tech’s face and could see the concern in her eyes. I asked her if everything was okay. Without making eye contact she said she needed to get the doctor. She left me alone and I started to pray. This is a happy time, this is the time of discovering that your baby really is there and growing and healthy.
Two doctors walked in and reviewed the scans. One asked if I wanted to know the sex. I said yes and was told that our baby was a girl. I was smiling over this new found knowledge, but no one else would talk with me. Finally one of the doctors told me that they would be contacting my obgyn. I was to go to the doctors offices across the street. When I got there, the gal at the reception counter took me straight back to the doctors office and told me that he would be with me shortly. I was not placed in an examination room, but his actual office. There I sat praying that whatever I was told I could be strong.

Dr. Rogers came in and explained that the ultra sound was abnormal. All of Emily’s major organs were growing outside her body and she had fluid all around her brain. I was frozen. I could not speak or move. He asked if there was anyone I would like to call. I said no and then left his office. Two days later his office contacted me to come in with my husband for an appointment to discuss our options. Once again we were placed in the doctor’s office. He came in with a woman who was a grief counselor. We were then told that Emily would not live for five minutes on her own outside the womb, and that we should choose to terminate the pregnancy immediately and were counseled to do so. I immediately said no, I could not do that. From that time on I was scheduled every single Monday for an ultra sound to monitor her and things only went from bad to worse. I prayed every single day that God would help me to get through the pregnancy and then be able to hand her over to HIM at her birth. I did not want to have the pregnancy terminated. I wanted the angels to take her from my arms and place her into God’s arms. I knew I could handle it.
My friends were very sweet and gave me a shower, but it was not a happy event. It was hard for anyone to know what to say, but we all went through the emotions and everyone wrote something special on cards that I could place in her casket after she was born.
I was scheduled for my last ultra sound on a Monday. My mother said I needed to come home and she was going to have all her friends come and lay hands on me to pray. I do not like this kind of attention, but agreed. Father Rock came too. He is an older family friend who is also a catholic priest. He brought healing oils and placed his hands on my belly. Three hours were spent in prayer. Afterward I drove four hours back to Seattle and tucked myself in bed.
The next day I had my ultrasound. The same technician that I had seen for the last several weeks starting checking her machine, unplugging plugs, and said something was not right. On the screen was a perfectly healthy baby girl. There was not one part of her out of place. She quickly left the room without saying a word and came back with two doctors who called from my room two other doctors. He contacted my doctor to come at once. They kept saying over and over…"that just can’t be" and "there is no way this is correct". Funny thing is that everyone was talking as if I was not even there. The tears began to come. They poured down the side of my cheeks. This was a time when there were no cell phones and I could not call anyone. I drove to my husband‘s work and told him the news, I drove to my in-laws and told them the news.
Four days later a beautiful little girl was born. She was completely healthy. Everyday I thank God for this precious little miracle that he blessed me with to raise up in Him. I love you Emily and I love you God for knowing that I could raise this strong willed child.

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  1. I never knew this part of the story! What an absolute miracle... goosebumps all over me as I type. Praise the Lord for his healing mercy and grace!!!



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