Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Three Precious Hours

Today I apologized to a young woman. Two years ago, God pressed on my heart to come alongside her. I had an agenda, I had a calendar filled with what I thought was important and so I kept walking.  
Two weeks ago our paths crossed and she shared her heart.  She shared a trauma she and her family experienced two years ago. My eyes filled with tears as she shared. I told her that I would explain the tears later, and allowed her to keep talking.
Today she came to my home and I got to apologize for not being obedient to what God had pressed on my heart two years ealier. It was an important lesson for me to learn. Obedience is God's agenda and not mine. So I get a second chance to come alongside this young beautiful mother of three boys. 
God has me in this place not just for me to impart wisdom, but what He is teaching me in loving on her.  What she is teaching me as she unfold the intimacies of her heart.  
God told me two weeks ago that His agenda included this young woman and her family.  He brought us together once again. This time I was obedient and I begin to see more clearly just how important  obedience is.
I missed two precious years and am blessed today by three precious hours.
Thanks God for not giving up on me, for knowing that this daughter of yours is a work in progress, who needs to be reminded of Your plans, and trusting you when you press in and give me clear directions.


  1. Elizabeth! I love you more each day! Thank you for being real and authentic. And encouraging others to do the thing that is necessary... OBEY!

  2. a timely post for me as God is calling me to come alongside one or two cancer patients in this season to be a source of support to them while they walk through these chemo days.

    I must care for them, even when my agenda seems otherwise too crowded. From God's lips to your pen to my heart.




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