Friday, April 30, 2010

Chronic Passion

Chronic: Marked by long durations or frequent recurrences also habitual

I am reading "The Pursuit of God" by Tozar with four different young gals. I am on different chapters with each girl and yet each chapter is always something new. This afternoon I adopted the word "chronic" into my vocabulary for knowing God.

Ethan gets this raspy chronic cough each time the weather changes. Each time he has these long durations of this cough with frequent occurrences through out the day. Sometimes to the point of developing a habit of coughing. It has been one of those weeks with him.

I told this precious gal sitting on my sofa that I want God's presence in my life to be chronic and we both laughed over my choice of a word. And then I said it again meant it. I don't want my pursuit of knowing God to come in and out. A visiting moment in the quiet of the day, but a chronic pursuit that is long in duration, frequent and a habit of knowing Him. Thinking of Him and yearning for more of Him in my life. I want Him to be at my forethought's, not the after thoughts.

I love that I get to lead some of these young gals and along the way I am embracing my own relationship with God in new ways. I want my passion for Jesus in my life to be chronic. A Chronic Passion!!!!

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  1. Loving the images that provokes! Chronic passion for God...


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