Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Post Easter

What a lovely lazy Easter weekend our family shared.  I just realized this morning that I took no pictures.  The boys in their matching shirts, the bike helmet Easter baskets, the hiding of eggs, the nice breakfast that David made, nope not one picture.  I suppose I can do some reenacting of matching shirts, or a cozy breakfast, really who would know right?

We thought that we would wait it out and go to the 5pm service at our church. Over the weekend our church held 7 services and we thought this would be the least likely service to be met with a big crowd. We do not have any family in town, so no dinner to run too and I am in a season of not cooking on Easter, and the 5pm promised a little dinner afterward, so David and I chose this service.

Boy were we wrong.  The parking lots was already full, and we got there early and still ended up in the back row of the overflow seating watching the service from a big screen.  Luis Palau came and spoke an incredible Easter message.  One that stays and lingers in your heart for days to come. The music was great, the message better and one brief germ-a-phoebe moment was when we were asked to join hands across the isle. Normally I do no cringe, but when the young man took my hand, the heat from his hand was enough to make me start praying that I not get sick. I asked him afterward if he was running a fever. Dear Lord always a mother.  He smiled and said no, but that he always runs warm.

It took us a while to get out of the parking lot. David and I discussed the whole coordination of getting so many cars out of the lot and the parking attendants having to police the situation. They held up a "STOP" and a car sped right through. We could not hear the conversation, but we could see the hands waving and the energy exchanged.  It is their job to keep traffic moving and everyone safe, and there could have been some kind of collision, but all was well and traffic continued.

It came to me that I have come up with a brilliant idea for our parking situation.  Solid Rock build a fifteen story parking garage.  Then you have coffee servers on skates filling orders as we inch into parking. Then when parked we can just walk right in. This would then allow a smoother transition from one service to the next.  David laughed and did not think it would go over, however I would put the fist dollar in.  

We did make it home, boys off to bed, somewhat recovered from the days sugar high. Actually it was the fastest all three were sleeping in a long time.  Such a wonderful day with family. David and I watched the Lakers lose and as we both went up to bed, there was peace in our home.  A fine day of just being together.

God is so good.  An Easter that may not have the family pictures to remember by, but a loving God who sent his son Jesus to die. I don't need pictures to remember this event in history.  Happy post Easter. Love, elizabeth


  1. I keep hearing from so many different ones, from all over, from different churches, how extra-special this Easter Sunday was, and how powerful the messages were. Hmmmm....suppose this one might have been our last one before Heaven?

  2. Love the coffee skaters! Only in Portland could that truly happen!


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