Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Me Monday...

Really, this is a clever little ditty..."not me". I mean with seven people in my family the "not me" is ever so present, yet not to be seen. So here are a few "not me" moments from this past weekend.

1. I did not really go into the laundry room with the lights out and sit for about 15 minutes, listening to everyone ask where mommy is.

2. It was not me, who ate six chocolate chip cookies, hiding them under the dish towel, as if to make the kids believe I was really only eating two very slowly.

3. It was not me walking with a double stroller by myself this morning because I have absolutely no desire to do houseowork and opted for what EXERCISE....not me.

4. It was not me this morning faking that I was in a dead sleep when Emerson got up at 6:30am, thus my dear husband taking on the duties of a two year old while getting ready for work.

5. It was not me sitting here at the computer while two little ones watch a movie on a warm and beautiful Monday when they could be playing outside.

6. I did not stay for the entire parents orientation while taking my daughter to college. Nope not me, to just get in the car and decide she is just fine.

7. I did not stay in my jammies all day Saturday, sleep in until almost noon (thanks honey) and never step foot outside, only to take a later nap...still in said jammies...nope not me.

So, Mrs. Not Me has been in and around my home today. I get glimpses of her, but one thing I know for sure. It's uh-hum....not me at all.

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  1. Ha! I am soooo glad I was not the only one to do the diaper thing!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I loved your not me's... I am seriously going to try the "hiding in the laundry room" one!

  2. LOVE #4... I did the same thing this morning as my daughter yelled for me at 5:30am.... and then of i DID NOT still continue to play asleep as she was asking for juice once she got into our bed.. he-he...

    And you are absolutely right.... we moms are GREAT at what we do; our jobs are irreplaceable!!!

  3. This is so fun! I laughed out loud when I read #1!!!

  4. #1 and #2 have me giggling out loud. I'd never do those things either. Especially the cookies one. hehe

  5. Lovin' the laundry room trick! Too funny!!

  6. ha ha ha... I've noticed this new "NOT ME" situation going around bloggy land... perhaps I shall take part too!
    but not today... not me today :o)

  7. These are too good. I had a jammie day also last week- Oh wait-not me. :)

  8. She visits me too! Especially when there is an entire bag of gummy bears waiting for notice.


  9. I just keep thanking God that it wasn't my own bed so I didn't have to change the sheets - hahaha! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my page!

    I LOVE your "not" faking sleep so your hubby had to get up! HAHA I have done that too many times to count!

  10. I got a kick out of this post since it was not me who does some of the same things...hiding in the laundry room, and cookies, I have pretended this too.


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