Thursday, August 13, 2015

Strength & Dignity

This morning I am looking out my window at the water and the hills. The sky with a pink morning haze with a promise of a sunny and warm day. The boys are still sleeping. I finished some Bible reading.  I love reading a Proverbs a day. No particular order just randomly wandering across the pages.

After the past two  years of divorce, moving, and changes, and moving again and more changes there is this feeble feeling. As in, I am never moving again. I can not handle the level of changes and stress and I just want to crawl, drive or fly away to something easier.  Now on the other side of some really hard things I am sitting here and realizing how strong I had to become.  And that realization of ......

Proverbs 31:25
"Strength and dignity are her clothing and she smiles at the future."

And not only do I smile, but I am laughing. I have laughed a lot this past year and although my clothes may fit a little tighter or not at all I am certain that dignity is embellished on the labels.   I love this passage so much.  Why?  Because I tried. Because no matter how weak or feeble I felt I stayed the course. I woke up every morning asking God to give me strength and to keep my heart and thoughts fixed on all things good.  And to smile, even when I did not know what might be next.
Where does strength come from when that internal voice is reminding you how week you are?  From God, the God who has carried this girl for most of my life. I can not close my eyes at night without thanking God, even when there seems to be little to be thankful for. There is ALWAYS something in my day that made me smile and laugh. I embrace this verse.  Encouraging YOU that this verse is for you as well. Embrace it knowing that HE intended for you to be the strong woman you are, even if the voices in your head tell you different.  And that poise of perfection he designed in you is dignity to hold your head high regardless. 

May you go in peace knowing that HE knows your name, your heart and HE will carry you with strength and dignity. ~Elizabeth

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