Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My husband's charm and wit

SO, as the story goes....

The boys were napping yesterday, after playing really well before napping. I had time to sit and be quiet, do lots of reading, some praying and then went to my computer. I emailed my husband and said I am "board". I need a stay home mom kind of job. Two more are out of the home these past two weeks. The younger two are so creative and well behaved that I am finding myself "board". I am a clean as you go kind of mom, so I don't even have a house that needs me. So I email my husband and tell him I am "board". His response was simply this:

"How about taking an on-line spelling course? That would cure you from being BORED. You could hang a BOARD on the wall and practice your spelling."

And if that was not enough to make me chuckle here is what I find by my laptop this afternoon.
A lovely list that writes like this, from my darling husband:

Cut grass with scissors
Make Toll House cookies for David
Make Gourmet Dinner for David
Read first 30 chapters of War and Peace to Eric and Emerson
Read the New Testament to all three boys
Take boys for 14 mile walk
Learn to play the piano

I think I will definitely make the cookies and well that should take up some of this extra time of mine. But I must say, my husband is all charm and wit.


  1. Your husband is very funny.

    On a separate note I'm on Facebook too.

  2. Okay, I brought my laptop to the dentist (while I wait on my son to be seen) and I'm having to FIGHT to keep from LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!!! What RIOT!!!!

    Now, I'm jealous - how are you having so much free time? Details, we need details. HA!!

  3. You set yourself up for that one! What an endearing quality in your husband. I love some good humor!


  4. Very funny! Sounds like my husband, especially the part about the spelling!

  5. that is hilarous :o)


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